Buying a Bowling Ball

When you have decided to buy your own customized bowling ball, there are many option to consider. Technological advances in bowling balls today has made the process even more complex. The number of options bowlers have to choose from continues to grow everyday. Below are a few options for beginner bowlers to consider when buying a bowling ball.

Bowling Style

The style of bowling ball you choose depends on your personal bowling style. Those with a strong forward swing would best be suited to a ball that hooks wide into the pocket, but bowlers whose swing lower with less strength, might want a ball that does not hook into the pocket as strongly. Before you can purchase a bowling ball, you have to understand your personal bowling style, and therefore your control of the ball.

Ball Weight

The weight of the bowling ball you choose has a huge impact on your game. Your bowling ball should be comfortable enough for continuous use, but also weigh enough so that you can maintain control when swinging forward. Bowling ball weights range from 6 to 16lbs. Men typically will use bowling balls weighing between 13 and 16 pounds. Women generally use lighter bowling balls, weighing 10 pounds and up. It’s always better to use a weight that is easy for you to control for long durations of time. The bowling ball weight should suit your bowling style, so you should choose a weight that will work for your personal bowling style.


Control over your bowling ball is an important part in scoring high in bowling. While you need power, you have to be able to make the bowling ball do what you want. You cannot rely on your strength to get you strikes. That being said, if you have no control over a specific ball then that ball is probably not right for you.


The composition will determine quite a bit when it comes to buying a bowling ball. Composition impacts how well the ball will perform on the lane. You should determine you bowling style and skill before selecting a ball by composition. The chart below shows several option when it comes to determined a ball based on composition. Also check out the “Modern Bowling Ball” article for more information on composition.

Ball Composition

Skill Level


Plastic or Polyester

Beginner ·       Works well in dry conditions.

·       Very little hook and ideal for bowlers who roll in a straight line.

·       Least expensive.


Intermediate ·       Works well on lanes that are lightly oiled because of the sanded finish.

·       Rolls with a controlled hook.

·       Offers more opportunity for strikes because pins remain low when hit.


Advanced ·       Performs best on well-oiled lanes.

·       Sharp hook with abrupt power.

·       Greater entry angle.

·       Greatest strike potential.

·        Most expensive.


Bowling Ball Accessories

Bowling Ball Bags

Bowling ball bags come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. It is recommended that even beginner bowlers consider purchasing a bowling ball bag to reduce the risk of being chipped and/or damaged.

Bowling Towels

Using a bowling ball towel is a practical way to wipe residue off of your bowling ball. Bowling towels ensure that your bowling ball is evenly polished each time it comes off the lane and allows for better performance on lane.

Bowling Ball Cleaners

In order to maintain performance, you need to regularly clean your bowling ball. While professional bowling ball store offer cleaning services, it is recommended you manually clean you ball often. Too much oil build-up causes friction to increase and your ball to perform negatively on the lane. Polishes and cleaners can be found at any professional bowling shop, but you should not use cleaners that contain large amounts of polish. Too much polish greatly reduces friction and can damage your ball on the lane.

Storm Nation

Storm Nation is a bowling manufacturer that provides an online service call Matchmaker. Matchmaker will recommend bowling balls based on your bowling style, which might help you customize and purchase your own bowling ball. You can find the website in the Sources section below.


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