Bowling Ball Care

One of the greatest responsibilities you have as a bowler is to keep up with the maintenance of your bowling ball. If you haven’t realized it yet, you’ll soon discover that after every shot, your ball collects dirt and small debris from the oil in the lane. While this oil can be beneficial, it can affect your game if you’re not cleaning your ball.

Thankfully there are multiple solutions to getting your ball cleaned and tidy for your next game. A simple solution would be to take it to the closest bowling professional shop. These stores have the equipment you need to get your ball in tip-top shape.  If that is not an option for you, then you can clean your ball yourself.

General Cleaning

To clean your ball at home, you’ll need a few items:

  • microfiber towel
  • liquid ball cleaner
  • grit pads
  • polisher

You’ll want to clean your ball off with this microfiber towel after every shot. This helps from your ball building up oil during the game. The liquid ball cleaner can be applied with the same towel. This cleaner has special agents to help clean the surface of your ball. Polishing your ball helps reduce any friction it’ll have while going down the lane. Using grit pads can help scruff your dull ball to improve its skid to best fit your style of delivery.

Deep Cleaning

You’ll want to treat your bowl to the occasional deep cleaning to help it get back to its original performance. This is something you do every now and then. An easy way to tackle this task is to take it your local professional shop. They have the materials and equipment to get it detailed clean for you. Of course, this is also another thing you can take care of at home. You’ll want to use absorbent materials to help remove all of the oil from your ball. There are other home remedies you can do as well. Such as submerging your bowling ball (with the finger holes sealed shut with a waterproof adhesive) into warm/hot water.

 Cleaning Schedule

When it comes to cleaning your bowling ball, it is best to create a schedule to maintain the durability of your ball. As stated before, it is encouraged to wipe your ball with a microfiber towel after each shot or game. You can also follow the chart below to get you started on a cleaning schedule.

After Game Maintenance
10 Re-polish glossy balls, and scuff dull balls
30 Re-polish and scuff glossy balls
60 Full restoration, and replace finger inserts

*Repeat this schedule after your 60th game


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